Fred C. Keeling and Co. – Keeling Bait and Tackle

Some models may be alphabetically lumped together in order to save time as some items may be rarely offered for sale.


Fred C. Keeling: Fred Keeling fishing lures are generally identified by their particular off the wall color patterns. There appears to be an endless unique color permutations his earlier lures have a tendency to appear in. Keeling started producing fishing lures at some point around 1902, with the Expert Wooden Minnow lures, and stayed operational just before the early 1930s. His fishing lures usually had the standard Keeling abdomen plate and diving lip, generally imprinted using the July 6, 1920 patent date. Similar to most of the various pre-1920 businesses, Keeling frequently produced unique cardboard boxes for every single lure in his collection.


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