Creek Chub Bait Co.

Creek Chub Bait Co.: The Creek Chub Bait Company (affectionately known as CCBC) was first established in 1916 by three fishermen.  One of the three anglers, Henry Dills, would conceive a wiggling lure by using a metallic lip that would revolutionize the way  a lure would swim underwater. Dills additionally copyrighted a procedure associated with spray painting lures using a screen. The firm's initial lure was in fact the 'Wiggler,' a simple lure mimicking a minnow fish. However their most popular lure ended up being the 'Pikie,' a  lure in the shape of a bullet that you will find in one to three parts, based mostly on the level of wiggling motion that the fisherman wanted. During the 20's, Creek Chub launched a more affordable product called the  'Shur-Strike' collection.  This decision was taken to increase its business. Not to mention following the war, the Creek Chub Bait Company skillfully produced  plastic and saltwater lures at the same time. Harry Dills took his retirement in 1978, and closed down the company.

Miscellanous Creek Chub Lures:




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